December 9th, 2011

Forget Her Too

Yesterday was my cousin’s big day! YAHOO! Sarah often celebrates her birthday along with the feast of the Immaculate Concepcion. Oh! I still did not greet her! Happy Birthday Sars! Ate loves you real BIIIIG :)))) And OH! I also forgot to visit the church! Bad.

Earlier today, I dropped by Balintawak to submit a few documents. I totally forgot that today was the Immaculate Concepcion. When I entered the building, I was overwhelmed to hear that the management is inviting everyone to attend the mass. However, when I asked the receptionist about the directions to the mass area she told me that it was exclusive only for their employees. I shrugged and told myself that I will be a part of their team soon. :)) So, I just passed the time listening to Jager Yoga, Example, Ting-tings, Laidback Luke and Sunset Daze. Actually, my playlist is composed of random music genres. Sometimes the shuffle works like this; from Beatles, Bee Gees and Air Supply to Nicki Minaj, Gym Class Heroes and Lady Gaga. Often times it shifts from Dream Sounds to Systems of Dawn, from Reggae like Hemp Republic, Bob Marley, Tropical Depression to Mariah then The Smiths, Vagabond, Nickel Back, David Guetta, Kamikazee, John Legend, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz and many more. Everything is just so random, like its owner. :)))

OK! Let us stop this nonsense and talk about another senseless thing. My OOTD :)))  I actually did not know what to wear today. So I just slipped into my white pants (my safest choice) to match with my DIY :))) I thought about pulling off a print on print look due to the influence of my zebra print shoes.

Sunnies - Anagon Collection | Printed Top - Flea Market | Wide Belt | White Pants - Robinson’s Dept. Store | Shoes - Prima Donna

Here is the DIY I made. I will be making two more designs to complete the first set. The collection will be ready to take its debut anytime soon :) I am just so excited. Can’t wait for the weekend to work on it. Wish me the best of luck. :)))

Gold and White Fringe Necklace - D.I.Y

Rings - Gifts from Mama :)))

I saw this pair from Anne Curtis’ billboard. It was just so stunning. The platforms and the heels were covered with zebra print. It was so pretty. Mama bought this for me in exchange of my lipstick. It made me real giddy since that lipstick only cost me 79 pesos. hahahaha REAL STEAL! haha ROFL!!

Zebra Print Shoes - Prima Donna

P.S I will be launching my long awaited online boutique. I will be designing two more necklaces over the weekend! WHAT THE!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!!! hahahaha Thank you Flight for the inspirations. Most of all, THANK YOU PAPA GOD for this kind of blessing. I owe HIM a lot. :)))) BTW, I apologize for my English. I still have to edit my grammar in a while. Have no time to proof read since my boss is behind me. Have a great weekend guys! :)))


I have always adored Anne Curtis. In fact, she is my ultimate girl crush. She is the combination of sweet and sensual. She is the end product of femininity and masculinity. She is the chick that every guy and girl is drooling over with. That includes my siblings, especially Bene. That is! if you consider him as a guy or as a gal or a mixture of both. ROFL! I love you sissy. :))) So speaking of my sibs, they are just so into Anne. Its like, Anne here, Anne there, Anne EVERYWHERE! OBSESSION! I must say. Yes, they are one of the many captives of Anne Curtis’ beauty. What’s the secret of this girl anyway? I really would want to know. hahahaha

In addition, I was a bit shocked when I found out that my bet Angelea Preston got disqualified from America’s Next Top Model Cycle 17. The story behind this was about her excitement in telling the whole word that she won the crown. She announced about her winning through Facebook, wherein fact she still have to wait after two episodes before revealing her reign. Poor Girl! No choice then. Rules are rules. Let us just make way for Lisa D’Amato instead.

The following are the exhilarating animal prints ever! YET:)))